50 Unity Games Coming To Wii U


Nintendo has announced over 50 Unity titles headed to their Wii U console. The Unity Game Engine may give a boost to the experience and graphical fidelity of the games on the system.

Nintendo showed off nine Unity run games at GDC last week and also confirmed that another 17 will release within the next two coming months. Senior Manager of Marketing at Nintendo of America’s Licensing department Damon Baker, speaking with Siliconera, said:

And then, we have another fifty that are waiting in the wings. So we’ve got a lot of Unity content on the way.

Nintendo worked out a deal with Unity Technologies in 2012, which has led to the massive number of games coming to the Wii U utilizing the game engine. This deal allowed Nintendo to distribute the development kits to in-house, external, and third-party licensee developers.

Unity is quite popular amongst indie developers. It’s ease of use and level of impressive features and quality make it a great choice. Nintendo intends to use the engine to “demonstrate to developers how easy it is for them to bring their creative ideas to Nintendo systems,” according to vice president of Licensing at Nintendo of America Steve Singer.

Baker went on discussing how Unity on the Wii U has been finalized. He mentioned how Nintendo is looking to bring the game engine support to the Nintendo 3DS, which would be quite an impressive feat for a handheld system. He said:

We’ve got a lot of developers that want to take advantage of it. So, we’re working towards that as well. But nothing to announce at this time.