80 Hour Old Wii U Pro controller


Like its predecessors the Wii U Pro Controller is claimed to have a very long lasting battery life. The battery life when tested in a range of situations is said to hold up to a maximum 80 hours on a single charging. This is both a drastic increase of life as the newest member of the Wii controller family and an even backhand to the Ps3 and Xbox 360 controllers which are none to be around 30 hours maximum charge hold.

However this claim did not come from Nintendo itself but from Amazon and Gamestop as separate claims in their product descriptions, which makes it seem like it came from Nintendo anyway. This does not always mean it’s true because as with the issue with pre-release games Gamestop is notorious for generally getting the date off by a few marks because it did its best to predict the date without getting prior confirmation from the company themselves creating false hype. If Nintendo does not release a claim to guarantee this it is still safe to assume that these to corporation giants got it close if they didn’t get it right.

However the long life span might mean it doesn’t hog up as much power sending out a signal as it used to, which would be a reasonable explanation as to why this controller is not backwards compatible. This could also be a Nintendo breaking its trend with the Gamecube/Wii mix and trying to section of Wii U from the rest of them in an attempt to obtain truly devoted players.

With such titles like Bayonetta and the ever awaited Black-Ops 2 coming out, it seems as the Nintendo has made sure to get itself out of it’s old niche with the Wii U by ensuring the way to their system is an easier transition like never before. A fast response time allows the Wii U Pro to be on par with many FPS genre unlike its parent the Wii. With a lifetime of 80 hours before recharge, it seems the Wii U might be finally making an attempt into the WCG. For a long time the Wii has been in its own separate category of puzzles and mini-games, producing so much that it made it hard for other genres to compete on its platform which stopped a lot of games from making the transition from the other consoles to the Wii.