Aliens: Colonial Marines to Receive Stasis Interrupted DLC Campaign


Aliens: Colonial Marines, from Gearbox Software, was met with more than a little criticism at its launch. Despite this the developers continue to support the game with DLC and updates. The newest, and final, DLC coming to the alien-FPS will be a new campaign chapter.

The new DLC campaign will be titled Stasis Interrupted. This is the first DLC content which expands upon the single-player campaign, and the final DLC available through the Season Pass.

Exactly what players will do in Stasis Interrupted is still a mystery. As well as the story, the release date and pricing is also unknown. We did a get look at the achievements coming to the DLC over the weekend however, thanks to PS3Trophies.

From the looks of some of those achievements, the player will be returning to even more of the films locations, including a return to the Sulaco area. Most of the tasks to receive the achievements have to do with story progression and a couple for killing the alien menace lurking around you.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was met with quite low scores considering how hyped the game had become before launch. Maybe Stasis Interrupted can change a couple of gamers minds.

Source: Eurogamer