Animal Crossing: New Leaf Possible Thanks To Even Mixture Of Men And Women


Apparently the key to creating a successful title is having an even mixture of men and women on the development team. At least, that is how it worked for Animal Crossing: New Leaf development studio. The 50/50 gender split ensured the game turned out a success. Director Aya Kyogoku, speaking at GDC 2014, discussed how this affected their process, saying:

As a woman on the team, I always felt welcome, and never felt awkward.

She added that everyone within the development team was able to participate in discussions on aspects of the design for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She continued:

It opened us up to a variety of tastes and likings.

Male and females and a variety of ages participated. We were able to leverage our diverse team, which couldn’t be possible if one person was making all the decisions.

Kyogoku mentioned how the team would get together for barbecues, create cakes themed after their game and bring them in, and plenty more. The atmosphere during development matched that of the game, broad and appealing to all. Thanks to these activities, the team remained in good spirits throughout the process.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf certainly is an impressive game, the development worked wonders. More studios need to do this.