Arma 3 Remains on PC


A lot of fans were hoping to see the newest military-sim game, Arma 3, released on the upcoming next-gen consoles. According to Bohemia Interactive, that more than likely will not be happening.

In an interview with PixelEnemy, Project Lead Joris-Jan van’t Land discussed the question of a console port for Arma 3. He stated:

We do not have such plans for Arma 3, no. The design of the game is part of the reason.Arma 3 was designed for the PC and porting it directly would not do it justice. Any potential future Arma experience on console would need to be designed with those platforms in mind from the beginning.

While it would be a nice change to play Arma 3 on a newly opened PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the series is a PC staple and will remain so. There is nothing like joining into a server and working cohesively with people you have never met before. Games which focus on competitive multiplayer will almost never have experiences like those found in the Arma games.

While discussing the how Arma compares to other FPS games, Land said:

If they are the Titans, we’ll be the Olympians Arma 3 Not Coming to Consoles It’s hard to generalize, but Arma is probably a different field with lots of overlap. We see many more players coming to Arma 3 who have no previous Arma experience, and who are loving it. By removing some of the unnecessary barriers, we hope this is now a possibility for more people.

What do you think? Should Arma 3 be ported onto the consoles? Or should it remain at home on the PC?