Batman: Arkham Origins Has An Upcoming Patch


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Batman: Arkham Origins is still fresh out of the gate since its recent launch on consoles and PC. The launch has not been a clean one unfortunately, a slew of bugs, some game-breaking, have occurred. Some players have claimed they are incapable of completing the game fully.

Warner Bros. Interactive issued a public apology for the game breaking bugs discovered in Arkham Origins, stating that the team is working hard to review, validate, and pinpoint these problems to fix them fully. The developers have managed to fix a couple of bugs already: “Infinite Falling/Falling Out of World”; “Unable To Continue Story”;”FreeFlow Focus mode not unlocking upon reaching Shadow Vigilante” rank 3.

The team at Warner Bros has confirmed that a patch for these issues has been released through Steam already and the very same patch will make its way to the console versions next week.

Batman: Arkham Origins is available now for Pc, PlayStation , Wii U, and Xbox 360.

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