Battlefield Hardline Has Been In Development Since Before Dead Space 3 Shipped


Visceral Games has announced they’ve been working on the new Battlefield Hardline title since “about a year before Dead Space 3 shipped,” according to Creative Director Ian Milham. This statement suggests the upcoming first-person shooter first went into development in early 2012.

While speaking on NeoGAF, Milham said:

Well, development sort of ramps up rather than begins all at once. There was a core team on this for about a year before DS3 shipped, then the bulk of the team came over.

We always have multiple things going on at different scales. Star Wars is our other thing currently going, but we always have some other stuff simmering, including the New IP.

The comment regarding a Star Wars game has us quite interested. However, Visceral has not officially unveiled a new Star Wars title as of yet, though it is believed to be a third-person action-adventure title.

A brand new trailer for Battlefield Hardline was revealed today, which featured the official release date.

According to the new trailer, shown below, Battlefield Hardline will launch on October 21. Whether this date is set in stone or not has yet to be revealed. No doubt we will see more on the upcoming first-person shooter at E3 next week.