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Watch Dogs is nearly upon us, May 27 cannot get here soon enough for open world and action fiends, and Ubisoft has slowly been revealing more and more on the game, specifically the multiplayer side of things. Earlier this week we got a good look at the various multiplayer modes featured in the game, all look spectacular.

According to animation director Colin Graham, Ubisoft’s goal has been to create a multiplayer experience that blends perfectly with the single player experience, which means a lack of loading times and lobbies, among other features we’ve come to know and not love all that much. While speaking with the Angry Joe Show, Graham said:

One of the things that we’ve been talking about is that we have seamless multiplayer. So when you’re playing the game, you don’t have to go to another menu, load it, and you’re also not always necessarily always playing against the ‘elite’ multiplayer every time you’re playing it. You’re playing against other guys who are playing their story mission. You go seamlessly into their game. They quite often don’t know they’re there. You probably got hacked. You probably didn’t know the guy was there until he was into your game for quite a while.

The idea of having another player enter your game and mess things up, especially while you’re trying to do something, may not be too thrilling for many a player. I know it will annoy the hell out of me, especially if it happens in a mission, side or main. According to Graham, however, player invasion is the way the game was meant to be played from the start. He continued:

You don’t have to accept the observation missions and you can also turn off other players from being able to invade you. But it does kind of cut back a little bit on what the real Watch Dogs experience is. The dev team? Nobody ever turns this feature off.

Whether or not you keep the feature turned on is completely up to you, however. Creative director Jonathan Morin has stated the game will track interest in the feature and use that info to change how often someone can invade your game. While talking with PlayStation Access, Morin said:

The way it’s designed is to make sure you don’t get invaded all the time. First of all, we track how interested you are to the feature. So if you invade other players, it will increase the chance that you get invaded afterwards.

There’s kind of a shield underneath the system that gives you around an hour of break when you’re free roaming. If you invade a lot, that shrinks. If you don’t invade at all, then that grows in time so we don’t bother you with that. The goal is to make it as organic as possible so that players don’t feel like they’re getting all the time invaded for nothing.

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During the interview, Morin went into a great bit of detail regarding the multiplayer experience, especially what comes featured at launch. One of these multiplayer game modes will only be available on the next-gen consoles. He said:



One of them is the hacking, which I think most people know by now, where you can go into someone else’s game, stalk them, hack them, and grab some information that gives you rewards afterwards.

The second one, tailing, [the player] doesn’t necessarily know you’re there. It creates that kind of paranoia.

He didn’t go into much detail on this mysterious game mode. The concept certainly sounds interesting though.

Then there’s more classic one that you can also access in a more seamless way so you can race with other players in the world. You can also do – there’s a team vs. team mode. This one is on the next-gen version only, where you can actually seamlessly go from one contract to another and, next thing you know, you’re working with other players against other players.

Morin stressed that everything is completely seamless between the multiplayer and single player experience, saying:

Once you stop that, you just turn the corner and do a single player mission. It kind of feels pretty weird the first time you do that.

The player will have the opportunity to make use of the massive world that Ubisoft has built, however. The free roam is going to be filled with extra tasks to complete, whether by your own accord or by side missions. Morin continued:

For us, it’s a bonus where we give you the game and you can decide whether or not you’re friends or enemies with the people you are with, and then just grab a pen and paper just decide what the hell you want to do with it and have some fun.

Next, Morin spoke on the progression system, which will be featured the exact same way in both single and multiplayer. Actions within your multiplayer playthrough will increase or decrease your Notoriety. Specific skills can be granted through Notoriety, or lost, depending upon your level.

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Finally, players will be able to see their character as Aiden Pearce at all times in multiplayer. You can customize how you appear to other players, which will always view an NPC during multiplayer. Morin concluded:

The only thing you can customize is the appearance that you’re going to have for other players. So if you don’t want to look like an old women with a machine gun type of thing, you can at least choose what you’re going to look like to other players.

But the old woman can be a nice trick.

Watch Dogs will hit on May 27th for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

A huge thanks to MP1st for this massive amount of info.