Black Ops 2 Receives Microtransactions


Activision announced today that the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will receive micro-transactions later this week. These will eventually be available on the PS3 and PC versions as well.

The option items available will be purely cosmetic and will offer no game-breaking changes. Activision is adding more customization options, such as weapon skins and calling cards, as well as the Nuketown 2025 Zombie map.

Activision’s Dan Amrich explained the transactions as:

Either personal customizations or nice little luxuries”, which won’t “affect gameplay” but rather offer “small, specific ways to enhance your online experience.

He went on to explain:

At the end of the day, all of these items are completely optional, and were created for players who’ve asked for more customization options. If that’s not you, that’s fine; everybody gets Nuketown 2025 for free, so definitely take advantage of that.

The Personalization Packs will cost 160 MS Points each and feature unique weapons camos, three targeting reticules, and a Calling Card. Activision is also releasing a pack to give players ten extra Create-a-Class slots for 160 MS Points and Flags of the World Calling Card Packs which will cost 80 MS Points each.

For those more interested in new experiences and less of what they look like, the Nuketown 2025 Zombie map will be available to download for 400 MS Points. Whilst the versus version of the map will be available for free to all.

Activision has officially confirmed that these micro-transactions will be available for the PC and PS3 at a later date. They failed to mention if we would see them on the Wii U however.