Black Ops II Wii U DLC Appears On Zombie Leaderboard


As we all well know, the new Black Ops Revolution DLC is now available for download on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Alongside that, Playstation 3 had the announcement that they will be receiving the DLC a traditional 30 days after the 360 release. However, where is the news for the Wii U’s DLC release?

Though there is no determined date yet, I can finally guarantee  that the Wii U will be indeed getting the new Revolution DLC. The new Revolution DLC consists of many new additions to the game, including a new SMG weapon, 4 Multiplayer Maps, One new zombie map, and one new zombie MODE. I’m emphasizing the mode; it is key to confirming the new DLC for Wii U. As some Black Ops users may have noticed, the Wii U had a small update patch for Black Ops II. Whether or not they tweaked some glitches is still in the air, but it seems that loading times (for zombies at least) takes twice as long as it did before, and minor glitching still occurs in-game.

How can I guarantee such a tentative topic though? If you scan zombie leader boards, The new zombie mode is already on the leaderboard today, as shown in the original picture taken by yours truly. The new mode is called Turned, A new Zombie game where 3 players are zombies, and one is the human character. The picture may be seen below; it was taken Via the Wii U Gamepad.

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