Blizzard to Remove Diablo III Auction Houses.


Yes, you heard correctly. In a bold move to redeem the game and likely get some good publicity for the controversy ridden title Diablo III, Blizzard have posted a press release stating that both the gold (in-game currency) and the controversial real money auction house will be shut down on March 18, 2014.

The auction house has always been a hot talking point for Diablo III, while many players avoid both iterations of it, many others have stated that they felt forced to use it to get the best gear for their characters. Even despite many attempts to improve the loot system of Diablo III (which fans appreciated) it seems that in the wake of their announcement of their expansion for their ARPG title, Blizzard have decided to make a very bold move to improve the reception of their game.


The fan reaction has, for the most part, has been very positive and many of the comments on Blizzards post has been thanking them for a very good decision. It seems that Blizzard has made the right decision here and may even draw back many fans who were put off the game due to its auction house mechanics.

Much like the Lord of Destruction expansion pack for Diablo II, it seems that Reaper of Souls may very well be a hugely popular expansion, as Blizzard are, step by step, molding Diablo III into the game that many Diablo fans have wanted since release.