Bugbear Shows Off New Racing Title


Bugbear Entertainment, the developer behind the FlatOut series, have revealed a brand new racing title they are working on. This reveal was brought about through an in-game footage video released on their official website.

Bugbear describes the new racing project as:

We’re making a new car game. This time we’re going back to our roots – just like all of our fans have been asking us to do! If you like what you see above, you’re going to love it.
It’s all in-game footage!

From the looks of the footage it is possible that the new title is a PlayStation 4 game, but it could still be a PS3, we can’t rule the possibility out. Whichever console the game is for, one thing is for sure, the game looks amazing.

Bugbear did a great job choosing the in-game footage to show off to fans. Slow-mo scenes, dramatic musics, and insane crashes ensue. Racing fans will definitely be excited after this video.

Bugbear Entertainment: Next Car Game