Capcom Ships 1 Million Copies Of DmC Devil May Cry


Capcom announced today as part of their nine-month earnings report, they have shipped 1 million copies worldwide of Ninja Theory’s DmC Devil May Cry. ¬†Capcom expected 2 million to be shipped by March 31st, 2013, but now have lowered their expectations by 40% (1.2 million.)

Predecessor Devil May Cry 4 shipped over 2 million copies when it released in 2008, making Devil May Cry 4 the highest initial shipment in the Devil May Cry series.

Despite receiving hatred and outcry from long time fans of the series for gameplay mechanic changes and character redesign, Ninja Theory’s best efforts for DmC Devil May Cry received positive reception from critics and reviewers alike, maintaining an 85 out of 100 on the metacritic and even taking the number 1 spot in the UK on its release week.

Slow sales have since fallen for DmC Devil May Cry bringing it down to number 11 in the UK making it harder and harder for the action game to uphold its superstar status in the spotlight.

Source: Capcom