Crusader Kings II Sons of Abraham Expansion Coming November


Paradox Interactive have announced the fifth expansion pack for their grand strategy title Crusader Kings II. The Sons of Abraham will focus on Christianity, Islam, and Judaism religions and is being designed in contract to the previous DLC, Old Gods, which was based on paganism.

Project Lead Henrik Fahraeus explained Sons of Abraham and its new features on the official Crusader Kings II forums. He said:

First and foremost, we wanted to do more with the Pope; how he gets elected, what powers he has and how you can gain his favor. Thus, we added the Cardinal title and the College of Cardinals.

For simplicity’s sake, there are only nine cardinals, and the Pope is always elected from among their number. Cardinals, however, are not elected; they are picked by the Pope from among his courtiers and the bishops of Europe.

The selection is based on many factors; age, piety, opinion, culture (the Pope really likes Italians!),

The upcoming expansion will allow users to play as a Jewish lord this time around. The player will be able to restore the Kingdom of Israel and the Jewish High Priesthood through conquest or diplomacy, depending on your player style.

Players interested in the Muslim side of the expansion will be able to choose a side between Mutazili and Ashari.

Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham will be available for download on November 18th.

Source: Paradox Interactive