DayZ Standalone Early Access Pops Up


We haven’t seen much news from Dean “Rocket” Hall’s upcoming zombie-survival mod gone standalone DayZ. The full game is in the works but we have not seen an official release date, though it looks like it could be soon. The game has gone to Steam Early Access, albeit without the release date.

The DayZ development has been a long process on both the development team and the community eagerly awaiting some survival action. The game has been pushed back numerous times to work on various features and issues, all of which will hopefully make a better experience overall.

The folks at The Escapist first noticed the Steam database listing for DayZ Standalone Early Access. The title is listed as “available” currently, but there is no sign of a release on Steam yet.

"DayZ","Steam"Dean Hall responded to Joystiq regarding the Early Access discovery, saying that “progress has been very good, and we’re a mix of nervous and excited,” nothing on a release date still, however.

Amazing how quickly the internet picks up on things isn’t it.

All I can say is that progress has been very good, we’re a mix of nervous and excited. And as I’d stated on my Twitter when I announced my break from social media/updates, we are on the final lap. Part of the final process involves the actual administration of the release, which is actually surprisingly complex and time-consuming.

So, to confirm, there is no release date announcement and we’re 100 percent focused on getting the alpha out the door.

  • We may see DayZ by the end of the year, fingers crossed.