Diablo 3 remote play on PS4 confirmed


We posted articles earlier detailing the definitive edition of Diablo 3 on PS4 and questioned if remote play would happen. Well mere hours later we have our answer.

Diablo 3 will release early 2014 on the PS4 and today direct from Diablo’s twitter page we were provided the above image, showing Diablo playing on the Vita via remote play. To quote said tweet:

Will Remote Play on the PS Vita be available for #D3 Ultimate Edition on #PS4?” The answer is yes, and it’s awesome!

There is no denying that the remote play feature is rather ingenious and is bound to be light-years better than the ‘beta’ attempt with Vita on the PS3. Remote play began way back on the PSP and seems to have matured going into the next generation alongside the Vita. Question marks remain over how well its going to work but as we move into the final week before launch for US folk I’m sure video’s will be flocking to the internet to show how well the feature works. Sony themselves already came out and said that the feature will work best in the home, connected to the same router as the PS4 and that the PS4 should be connected via ethernet.

Source: Diablo Twitter