Dishonored Knife of Dunwall DLC Announced


Bethesda announced Dishonored’s Knife of Dunwall DLC today for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The story-based content will set players back $9.99/800 MSP.

Knife of Dunwall has players take on the role of Daud, the shadowy assassin who killed the Empress in the beginning of Dishonored’s campaign. Players will have access to new weapons, gadgets and abilities while playing as Daud as he “embarks on a search for redemption”.

Some new abilities fans will get their hands on include “Summon Assassin”, which calls Whalers, Daud’s “loyal band of mercenary assassins”, to help you. Void Gaze will make a return to track down those hidden Runes and Bone Charms. Daud also has his own version of Blink, and has access to Chokedust, Stunmines, and a concealed Wristbow, which will fire sleep darts and explosive bolts.

Bethesda describes Knife of Dunwall as:

The Outsider reveals the key to your atonement, but who—or what—is Delilah?

Your search will take you through never-before-seen districts of Dunwall as you face off against new and terrible foes. Employ a unique arsenal of new weapons and powers that enhance Dishonored’s dynamic combat, mobility and stealth systems. In the struggle to hang onto the last shred of your humanity, the choices you make will ultimately determine your fate.

Knife of Dunwall is the second DLC pack released for Dishonored, following the Dunwall City Trials. Bethesda has stated that Dishonored will receive three packs, with the third still a mystery.

Knife of Dunwall will be released April 16th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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