Don’t Starve Update Announced


Klei Entertainment have announced an update today for their survival indie title Don’t Starve. The developers have taken to calling this update the “Insanity Update”.

The ‘Insanity Update’ fixes the problem of what someĀ  thought was an easy game, making the game harder. Along with the increase in game difficulty Klei is also adding a new character to the game, Wes. Wes is a mime and not very good at much of anything according to Klei.

The Insanity Update received its nickname because of the new feature the developers added, Sanity. Your character will lose his or her sanity when staying in the darkness too long, getting close to monsters, or doing “crazy things” such as eating monster meat or jumping down wormholes. Players will regain their characters sanity by doing happy things, such as wearing fancy clothes or eating candy.

According to Klei:

Strange creatures from another time and place are attracted to madness.

Having a low sanity level is not fatal to your character, however there are side effects like the above mentioned. You will need to kill these creatures to gain resources which will help you build new and powerful items.

The new update has added the save slot feature as well, allowing four characters to be saved at once. And Don’t Starve will be split into two game modes, Sandbox Mode and Experimental Adventure Mode. Sandbox Mode is what gamers are already playing, and Experimental Adventure Mode does what its name suggests. Five levels of difficulty and a real story will give players an adventure.

A new character, sanity, new gameplay modes, and Steam mod support make for a very good update to a game that already looks amazing. Klei is really putting in the work on their indie title Don’t Starve.

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