How to Earn “You Chose…Poorly” Trophy/Achievement in Saints Row IV


I have been playing a lot of Saints Row IV since the game was released last month. But since earning this trophy/achievement, “You chose…poorly,” I thought I would share this, for two reasons, it’s funny and it also has “pop culture” links from past movies.

Now in order to earn “You chose…poorly” you must be doing the mission “Zero Cool”. Near the end you will be faced with making the decision of choosing the red or blue door. If you go through the blue door means that you will live but the human race will be extinct. however if you go through the red door you will die, and the human raced will be saved, and this is what will earn you the “You chose…poorly” trophy/achievement. Fear not you will get a chance to go back and go through the blue door.

Movie fans will easily recognise that the trophy does pay homage to three past movies:

  1. The Matrix- the scene where Morpheus gives Neo the choice of the “blue pill” or “red pill”
  2. Total Recall (1990)- Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is offered a “red pill” that would bring him back to reality. And for those who have seen the movie , you know what happens next.
  3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- near the end of the film Walter Donovan (played by Julian Glover who can now be seen on HBO’s Game of Thrones)  the main antagonist, chooses the wrong cup, which causes him to decay into dust, then the Knight says: “He chose…poorly”
  4. Mass Effect 3- Okay so this is not a movie, but I do like to think that it does pay a tribute to the game. Near the end of the game where Commander Shepard is given similar choice of exits.

Well there you have it gamers. You now know how to earn the “You chose…poorly” trophy/achievement.