Everything We Know About Super Smash Bros 4 in a Deku Nutshell


Super Smash Bros 4 has been on every one’s tongue since its announcement way back at E3 last year. Its the game we’ve all been waiting for, the next instalment in one of the most loved fighting games out there, and the game that could well save the Wii U. Suffice to say, its a big deal. Super Smash Bros, now with 3 games in its belt and a loyal fan base of millions, has everyone excited for its new release later this year, and have been very clever at building hype and keeping us all interested. To do this, designer Mashiro Sakurai has been releasing news stories on the approaching game nearly every week, previewing screen shots that reveal all sorts of exciting elements we just cant wait any longer for. But, its been a lot of weeks since the hype began, and that is a lot of news to keep up with! So, helpful nerd that I am, I have collected every bit of information we have learned of Super Smash Bros 4 so far, and collected it here in one big deku nutshell for your convenience!

Confirmed Characters 

So far, Nintendo has decided to retain much of their classic and loved characters, such as Link, Kirby and Mario, so to stick to traditions and not to enrage any fans – like myself. They have also decided to keep newly added characters from the previous installment, Brawl, with Lucario, Sonic and Pit, so clearly they passed some sort of popularity test in the last game and managed to achieve a permanent role, unlike poor Mewtwo or Roy from Mele. New updates on confirmed character come about around every month or so, with Diddy Kong being the most recent addition confirmed for the original line up.


New Challengers 

As far as new characters go, Nintendo have been very secretive and have only revealed 5 in all, where previously each new game features at least 10 new ones to add to the fold. Megaman, The Villager and Wii Fit Trainer were revealed at the game’s announcement back at E3, and besides Megaman, stirred little excitement for none were really that wanted. However they kicked it up a notch with Rosalina and Luma and Little Mac, and with their reveal comes the hope that yet more interesting characters are to come.


Taster Screenshots

Mashiro Sakurai releases regular screenshots of the game just to tease of what may be to come, and here are a whole heaping collection of his previews. They feature shots from both the Wii U version and the 3Ds, and show a whole variation of those we know and love, Toon Link, Metroid, Bowser, and some shots or the newcomers as well – all in the battle we’ve been craving for.

zeld vill stage mega dodge fox screen15 screen14 screen13 screen12 screen11 screen10 screen9 screen8 screen3 screen4 screen5 screen6 screen7 beatem

New Gaming Aspects 

In order to keep games fresh, you of course need to add in new things here and there, and Super Smash Bros 4 is no exception! In other revelations, Sakarai has been portraying new elements of game play that we will be able to explore in the next game, from personal characterisations to new battle styles, even new items that have been added. From the looks of it, the battle play has become a lot more intricate and clever, perhaps meaning we will need to get all the more skilful in our hope for victory!

The first reveals a brand new item to the game. Bowser, clearly getting beaten and humiliated by the brutal beast that is Princess Peach, retreats in panic towards what seems to be a fairy in a bottle. If you’ve ever played a Legend of Zelda game, you will know that fairies are extremely useful, once captured in your empty bottles, you can use them at any time to completely regenerate your health. They have taken this aspect and put it into the upcoming game, a healing item I’m sure we will all need.


The next shows an assist trophy that will become available, a submarine from the classic and newly renovated Steel Diver: Sub Wars. Recently released on the Nintendo E-Shop, Sub Wars features a range of weaponized submarines that, in Super Smash Bros, will come to your assistance and hunt down your foes like a missile. Best look out and get running! They rarely miss!



In Super Smash Bros Brawl, you may have noticed that Marth, from Fire Emblem, had a move that allowed him to withdraw a shield and bash it into his opponent. But, it didn’t really do much, and wasn’t worth the time when fighting. So, this time round, Marth’s shield bash has been greatly improved, and now should you land a solid hit on your foe, the move could well stun them.


One of the most loved items within Super Smash Bros is the Pokeball. With the Pokeball, there are a whole range of Pokemon that could be summoned for your aid, whether that be a bothersome Magicarp splashing uselessly or a grand Entei who sets the entire stage alight. This shot above confirms that Pokeballs will remain for our use, and that the first one seen is the legendary from Diamond and Pearl, Palika.


Oh the sarcastic joy. As if the Nintendogs were not annoying enough last time! They’ve returned yet again to block our screen and to send us to our death without us even seeing it! Thanks Nintendo! Poor Donkey Kong, if only he could see, he might be able to save himself from the dreaded fall, but no, Nintendog doesn’t care.


For a long while there were rumours spreading that Palutina, from Kid Icarus, would become a playable character – all because of this screenshot. Nintendo quickly squashed this however, and corrected that she would not be a character, but a new assist trophy instead, come from the angels to save whoever summons her.


Yet another assist trophy, Ashley from numerous Wario Ware games will appear to player’s once called, and the cute, dark little girl will surely bring hell down upon their enemies.


Little Mac has a power entirely unique to his character, where the higher his health rises from damage, the closer he draws to a one hit K.O power attack that will send his enemies flying off the screen. In the moment of defeat it would seem Little Mac does not take it lying down, and instead uses it to his advantage.


If you look in Toon Link’s hands, you will see the new and improved Home-Run Bat, painted black and giving one heck of a hit against poor DK. The bat now deals more damage than ever before and smash hits are easier to charge and use, so if you see a bat appear, you’d best be picking it up before anyone else does!


One of the newest and perhaps most important changes to the game play is the introduction of combo moves. Combo moves allows you to combine certain attacks together in order to create one powerful attack sure to seriously damage or even defeat your enemy. Fox demonstrates in the image above, with his combo attack turning into one powerful kick.


Last but not least, it may have been an annoying habit of players to hang onto the edge of the level to avoid your special attack or simply to stay out of danger’s way, and it was often very difficult to dislodge them. This is now a thing of the past, as the new game introduces the ability to kick away your enemy hanging from the ledge, even hit them off and take their place should you be falling.


Stages and Levels 

In showing us all these screenshots, it is impossible not  to reveal little peeks here and there of the stages and levels that our players will be battling on. So, luckily we’ve been able to see quite a lot of potential maps and there is no need to worry – there will definitely be a Pokemon Stadium. There are levels that we have never seen before, but, like in previous games, it is hoped that 4 will still allow us to play on classic stages such as Big Blue, Temple, or even let us create our own. No official names for the stages have been given, but we can take a good guess at what franchise they are based from.


Spirit Tracks Stage


Megaman Stage


The Arena


Rainbow Road Stage


Sports Island Resort Stage


Nintendog Stage




Gerudo Valley Stage


Animal Crossing Stage

Super Smash Bros 4 is due for release on the Wii U and the 3DS for an unconfirmed date sometime later this year. While the designers continue to be vague on when it may be ours to buy, they have kept us distracted with all that you have read and seen above, from new characters, new levels and new gaming aspects for us to get excited about. Everything you need to know about Super Smash Bros 4 is right here, so prepare your brains with all of Sakurai’s knowledge and get ready for the game and to defeat all of your friends – as really, how much longer can they keep us waiting?

*** The Year 2017. Still no Smash Bros. Damn it Nintendo ***