Forza 5: Why I Can’t Be Bothered


A lot has been made of Forza 5. Most of it hits the nail on the head. Its gorgeous, the cars are magnificent, they handle really well, Drivetar is pretty neat it’s an all round good attempt at a launch game.

But what turn those casual fans off….Well in my experience two things:

  1. Micro-transactions implemented to core mechanics
  2. Fake DLC

Right first up, that fan favorite, Micro-transactions. Now I have spoken about this before and how I don’t agree with them. In this case I purchased a bundle at launch which contained the day one edition of Forza 5 a second controller and a years Xbox live for AU$200. Pretty good deal saved me some money but ultimately I still paid for the game. I load her up, flick through menus, listen to Jeremy Clarkson’s delightful musing and get racing. I then notice a flashing icon suggesting I ‘enhance my leveling’ and to do so ‘press Y’. Obviously like any other normal person with barely enough hours in the day to work, game and live that sounds very appealing to me. What am I met with? Micro-transactions. Something daft like AU$7 for an hours ‘double credits/XP’. That’s a really bad business model. And here’s why. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, career mode has a vast array of competitions and to enter these competitions you need different cars from different graded classes. So to enter an event for Japanese imports you need a Japanese made car and it must fall within a car category ‘A to D’ So even though my Nissan Skyline is eligible as a car, the modifications I have spent XP/credits on make it ineligible.

Cue point – XP and credits are the currency of Forza. They are used to buy cars and upgrades. The average race may give you between 10,000CR and 25,000CR dependent on levels and so on. Sounds easy right? It’s not, If you want an A grade car like some of the special F1 cars in the game they are going to set you back around 4/6 Million CR. Who has that kind of time on their hands? Nobody! and Microsoft have capitalized on this because guess what guys? That’s right! You can BUY credits with real life actual money to get that car you really want to drive. So not only do I now have to pay for a game I then have to pay upwards of $300 to buy enough credits to buy the car I want to drive, because the only other way I can possibly drive said car is by quitting work, quitting sleep, quitting family and friends, quitting eating…you get the picture. And as a casual fan of the series that just isn’t good enough for me.

The second problem I have with the game is false DLC. Advertised on the front of my box was a series of DLC cars and I also got another DLC car with my Xbox Live subscription. I felt enticed by driving these beasts around and promptly scanned my QR codes.

DLC downloaded, DLC installed. Where’s my cars? Not in the in-game garage? Oh…I bet they are in the store. They are in the store, they even have a little ‘+’ underneath to help identify them, handy. Cue point – I STILL HAVE TO BUY THEM and each of them cost hundreds of thousands ┬áif not millions of credits…

Eject, and the disc has not been back in the case since, I’ve considered trading it in and putting the money toward Peggle 2 when it comes out, at least that can prize my cash away with creepy smiling unicorns rather than completely unaffordable motor vehicles…If i wanted that I’d pop into the Porsche garage down the road.

End of rant.

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