Four Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC Expected By August


SEGA has confirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines will receive four content packs, the first of which releases this March. The first Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC is known as Bug Hunt, the other three have not been named as of yet.

Even after receiving a disappointing launch with many poor reviews, Gearbox plans to support Colonial Marines long into 2013. They are already planning to release four DLC packs before August 2013. The developers have not stated if they will be all multiplayer packs or if they will include single-player content as well.

Bug Hunt, set to be released on March 19th, is the first of the four. Featuring three maps and throwing players into the role of Colonial Marines to take on wave after wave of alien hordes.

Gearbox has not released a pricing plan for any of the DLC, but a Season Pass may be purchased from digital retailers for $29.99. The Season Pass gives players access to all the DLC packs at a reduced price. The Colonial Marines Season Pass has not yet launched for the Xbox or PSN.