Gamers Love to Hate


Before I begin writing this article, I would like to address my absence these recent weeks. I have been having a lot of problems with my laptop and have been busy with work and it has made it impossible to get any access to a computer and get my article written. These problems have now been resolved and I will be resuming my regular writing.

So, what do i mean by, Gamers love to hate? Well it’s simple really, for some reason all the time, whether its a new game or in recent cases a new console, most gamers seem to have something to moan about.

The idea for the article came about on the release date of Call of duty: Ghosts. I was browsing watching some streams of the new game when my attention was drawn to the chat at the side of the stream. All people seem to be talking about was how much “this game sucks and Battlefield is so much better.” My one response to people like this is “why are you even watching a call of duty stream if you dislike it?” Go watch Battlefield and leave the people who do like COD alone. I have another problem with these kind of people, they probably haven’t even played the game and are just being sheep, following an opinion of what someone else has said about the game.


This isn’t the only time I have seen a case of people just hating on a game, I can give a few examples, League of Legends vs DOTA 2, COD vs Battlefield and I think the worst of all was how people reacted to Diablo 3. Diablo 3 was a great game, it received good reviews, offered a lot that most RPGs didn’t at the time and it sold really well, so why were so many people hating on it?


The main reason I hear people hate on this game is that “it isn’t like Diablo 2” and there lies the problem; It isn’t meant to be Diablo 2 and if you want it to be Diablo 2 then go and play Diablo 2. As a person who has put hundreds of hours into Diablo 3 I can understand why some people dislike the game to an extent but it still doesn’t make sense that they seem to have a “this game is worthless” kind of attitude. The Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls friends and family beta started and thousands of players flocked to Twitch and made it one of the top watched games on the streaming site. Clearly it must just be a small minority of people who are just out to get a reaction out of people by being negative, but somehow they always seem to be there. When it comes to comparing games or having an opinion on a new piece of technology, I would make sure i have enough hands on experience with what ever it is, to give a full unbiased opinion and i wouldn’t slander the product just to get a reaction from people. It’s as if people make it their goal just to piss people off.
The same goes with consoles releases, people have to be really picky, “this console is better because of better resolution”. It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day if you hate it and I’m not saying don’t have an opinion, but you haven’t got to go and run and shout it in the streets that this game sucks and this one doesn’t. At the end of the day we are all gamers and we all like different things and I don’t think anyone should try and shove their opinions in someones face just to upset them.