Gamers Raging Over In-Game Movie Ads In Battlefield 4


EA has taken the monetization of their franchises a step further recently with the inclusion of in-game ads for the upcoming Need for Speed film features on the home page of Battlefield 4. Gamers are furious at this inclusion, where some are paying over $100 for the game and its Premium membership, ads should not be included for those costs.

The inclusion of in-game advertisements is made worse by the fact that Battlefield 4 is one of the buggiest games in the franchise’s history, with DICE still releasing patches to fix any issues.

One user on Reddit summed the incident up quite well, saying:

So, what you’re saying is, aside from the game-breaking glitches, rubber banding, timing out and refusal to save the campaign, they’ve now added advertisements? That’s nearly as bad as a scripted 90th minute goal on FIFA.

The advertisements for the upcoming Need for Speed film are located on the front page of Battlefield 4 as well as within loading screens. Players are faced with them wherever they turn when they’re playing the first-person shooter.

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