GameStop Reports 320,000 Wii U Sales


Nintendo’s Wii U has had an amazing start since its North American release on November 18th of last year. With the European and Japanese releases following soon after, the console was going nowhere but up. Nintendo has not posted their quarterly sales and will not until the end of January. But GameStop released their sales for the Wii U up to the 29th of December.

GameStop released their Holiday Sales Results today, these cover all global sales from across the retail stores. Currently GameStop has sold 320,000 Wii U consoles since the system first launched.

CEO Paul Raines described this sales report as:

Successful Wii U launch, strong digital growth and continued momentum in the mobile space were countered by a decline in store traffic.

This is great news as digital sales continue to rise and brick and mortar stores go out of style with gamers. Digital sales have risen by more than 40%, whilst box sales continue to drop year after year.

GameStop may be one of the largest game retailers in the world, but these Wii U sales numbers are still impressive. By the end of January we should know more about the sales records.