Garry Newman Believes Limiting Steam Releases Is “Insane”


If you haven’t been on Steam in the past few months, you probably haven’t noticed the flood of horrible titles being released, all of which are smothering the front page of the storing and drowning potential customers in release they don’t want or care for. Some people have called for a limitation on the Steam releases. Garry’s Mod and Rust creator Garry Newman has called this “insane,” while speaking on limiting the Steam releases.

While speaking with MCVUK, Newman said:

The issue of discoverability is awesome to have.

The focus should be on the users, not the developers. Users getting the choice of thousands of games is a good thing. The attitude that Valve should only allow X games a month on Steam is insane. Why would you limit it? Have you released a game and it isn’t selling? Make it better. Do some marketing.

Steam is a digital distribution platform; they put your game on their store and allow people to buy it. Any extra exposure you get by being featured should be seen as an extra-unexpected bonus. It shouldn’t be relied on to sell your game. I don’t think the Steam front page should be seen as a storefront. If your game is good and people want to play it – people will play it. Work at making your game as accessible as possible.

Are you on Newman’s side? Or would you prefer to see some sort of order occurring on the Steam storefront?