Great Moments in Gaming History


In our life, hopefully full to the brim with games, there are great moments that pass us by in the blink of an eye, yet they are all moments we will never forget. Whether you played them weeks before or decades, something about fantastic events in gaming stick with you, deep in your gut, imprinted with you as you game on into old age. This could be for many reasons, for their emotional impact, their awesome impact (that’s a thing) the feeling of triumph, the laughter it induced – there are hundreds of reasons why a game might cling on in your memory, and here are some great moments in gaming history I’m sure many of us all remember well.


Now this is one memory still fresh in our mind, but one that, for me, and I hope many others, stays bright in our dimming minds. It is of course, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and the very first time you vanquished a dragon. Remember it? Remember how epic it was? The dragon just swooped down out of nowhere, fire blazing, and destroyed your useless allies. It was left to you, inexperienced and still new to Skyrim, to defeat him. Sword bloody and shield battered, you did it! Beat a dragon! Not some rats or some mudcrab, but an ancient all-powerful dragon! Now that’s not something you do everyday!


Here’s a moment in gaming truly near and dear to our hearts. It was the time you chose your very first Pokémon. There he was, old Professor Oak, so kind and generous, offering before you a friend for life, hidden in a tiny red ball. Now, this isn’t necessarily the same for all players, but I was particularly young when I first played Pokémon, maybe 7 or 8, and so being given my very own creature to love and raise was of even greater importance and amazement than it is to me now in my bitter old age. Choosing seemed like most important decision of your life, as whichever you chose would accompany you for what you were sure would be one of the greatest adventures of your lives – I chose Charmander. Of course.


I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty terrible at Call of Duty, or any fps of its ilk game really, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy playing them anyway. Call of Duty games and the like are intense, quick-paced, and they draw you into the battle, not to mention the intense rage experienced from other players. They really do get riled up! But I’m talking about the very first time you ever got a kill streak. For many, this is no big deal, I’m sure most of you get 25 kills in a row and nuke the place every time. But, well, there are some of us who would find a 3 person kill-streak a feat of triumph! A UAV? I won a UAV! That’s like the best thing ever! Ok, it’s not, but pity me I’m terrible.


When the Wii first came out, it was a thing of revolution. A game, that you controlled by movement? What is this? Magic? Everyone wanted a piece of it, and I think its fair to say that almost everyone has owned the console at one point or another in the past. Because you had to! It was the new thing! Everyone picked up their controllers, and danced around their living room like a loon in order to shoot an arrow in the right direction, or to gain a high score on skiing. It was an important moment. For me, my first Wii experience was Mario Kart, where you actually had to turn the controller like a wheel in order to drive – a stroke of genius, I thought!


So we’ve all been here. You’re an expert gamer, you play non-stop, you’re the best there is, and you can beat anyone – except that one person. Your brother, your friend, your girlfriend, whoever, there is always that someone who just somehow manages to beat you every single time – and its maddening! How do they do it! We try so hard and we spend so long training, only to have our victory snatched away once again by their cruel undefeated hands. But, there was that one time – that one time you actually beat them. They’ll pretend like it was no big deal, but it was, you finally won one, finally beat your white whale! You will never forget the triumph. I certainly won’t forget the very first time I beat my older brother on Super Smash Bros. after so long trying.


If you haven’t achieved this yes, don’t worry, I’m sure you will! It’s the first time you ever broke your way into a record list. In gaming, this usually means the fastest time, the most kills or the highest score, and the game has an online scoreboard full of the names who had beaten this challenges with ease. The moment that you see your own name, blinking there, you can hardly believe it – your name up there with some of the greatest players in the world? You’re now one of them! Now I’ve never found my way to the top of a record list, but I did break my way into the top fifty of a list on the Tomb Raider multi-player mode – a great moment for me!


So there are some really terrifying games out there, games that really make your skin scrawl before making you jump out of it entirely. They love getting your heart pumping, and just love jump scares. When we all first played a horror game, we put on a brave tough face and acted like it was going to be a piece of cake, that only babies were scared by games… then the Amnesia monster appears behind you, mouth hanging and hungry, and you make a sound so shrill and fear-filled that your windows shake just a little. Very brave. You’ll remember it, that first feeling of terror caused by a game, that rush of panic, the crack of your mouse as your frightened hand clenches it too tight. Outlast did it for me, that darned huge guy caught me from behind and I may have needed the toilet promptly after.


We’ve all played GTA at one point or another, whether its to fully play the game or just to have a drive around, I’m sure we’ve all had a go. And why not, it’s a great game. But, one of the things you will always remember in your playing of GTA, is the first time you ever achieved 5 stars from the police. It’s surprisingly difficult! You break out the bazookas, the sniper rifles, the battle helicopter, and you ravage San Andreas as best as you can. The police arrive however, in great force around 3 stars, and down you go, defeated. It’s hard to stay alive once you surpass the 3 stars mark, so to still be running when at last, the 5th star flashes into sight, you should feel triumphant! Victory!

What were your greatest moments in your gaming history? Let us know in the comments below!