GRID 2 Trailer Series Begins


Racing fans around the world will finally get their hands on Codemasters’ new title GRID 2 this May. The developer knows gamers are getting impatient and has decided to start a new series of trailers based around the fictional World Series Racing league.

The first trailer in the WSR series was released today, and introduced players to the GRID 2 league, founded by entrepreneur Patrick Callaghan. Throughout the WSR racers will travel the world and win the support of racing clubs in various locales.

The beginning of your World Series Racing career begins in North American, which is the trailers main focus. The various events and clubs are detailed within the video.

GRID 2 – WSR Part 1: An American Dream


Codemasters obviously know what they are doing as the trailer does its job to get fans excited for the new game. The cinematic action shown and the beautiful cars pushing for that first place help to ease the wait for May.