Guns of Icarus Online Update 1.2 Released


Developer Muse Games has released its newest update version for their airship-combat game, Guns of Icarus Online. Version 1.2 will add many great new features that players have been clamoring for, plus a few others that will excite.

The new update will include the following new features and changes:

  • New 2v2 King of the Hill Map, The Labyrinth
  • New Commendation system: at match end, give commendations to fellow players for good sportsmanship, and earn Prizes for commendations received.
  • Added “Beginners Only” matches for low-level players.
  • Added actions to Sandbox for summoning stationary, moving, and armed target practice dummies.
  • Holding the mouse button now causes buffing and rebuilding tools to trigger continuously.
  • Added new progression achievements and ranks (level cap raised to 11)
  • Rebalanced ship acceleration/speed profiles.

And that is not even all of them, you can view the full release notes for update 1.2 here.

Muse Games also released a teaser trailer for the new King of the Hill Map, The Labyrinth. Teaser is definitely the right word for this one, we get just enough of a look to want to play it constantly. The map has a dark and mysterious vibe to it, with everything covered in a thick layer of fog.

Check out the new trailer below.

Guns of Icarus Online – Labyrinth Teaser