Hulu Plus Finally Releases on 3DS


Since around the time of the Nintendo 3DS’s reveal, Nintendo stated that both Netflix and Hulu Plus would, at some point in time, make their way to the system. Netflix made it but where was Hulu Plus. Month after month Nintendo continued to state that the service would come at some point but that began to fall on deaf ears. For almost two years Nintendo advertised its availability on the system, having it posted at kiosks. Finally, near the end of 2013 (and without saying a word), the service has been released on the Nintendo eShop this week–note, it was on the Wii U eShop when that console launched.

The service is much like the console versions but in lower resolution. It’s still a paid service but if you have an account you might as well give it a download (if you feel your 3DS needs more entertainment value). Do any of you plan on downloading it or has it just become a missed opportunity?