Infestation: Survivor Stories Player Stats Reported


Hammerpoint Interactive, developers of Infestation: Survivor Stories, previously known as The War Z, has released the player stats for their zombie-survival game. The controversial zombie game has received over 1.3 million registered users to date.

Publisher OP Productions has also revealed the monthly and daily game numbers as well. Infestation sees over 400,000 players log in every month, and over 100,000 players daily. That is pretty impressive numbers for a game that the majority of people supposedly hate. OP Productions also revealed that the average player puts in more than 95 hours of game time, this is higher than a lot of games these days end up seeing.

Players of Infestation: Survivor Stories have created more than 51 million characters and killed over 2 billion zombies in total.

Executive Producer Sergey Titov stated that developer Hammerpoint Interactive plans on releasing new content this summer by using suggestions and ideas from the player community.

Source: GameSpot