Infinity Ward Responds To GTA V Mocking


Those who have played Grand Theft Auto V by now have surely heard the in-game advertisement for “Righteous Slaughter,” a fictional FPS game which is a parody of the Call of Duty franchise. This is not the only parody found within the world of Los Santos, but it is one that stood out for most people.

Whilst browsing the in-game internet via your iFruit, a parody of the iPhone, an advertisement for “Righteous Slaughter VII: The Art of Contemporary Killing” created by “Misfire Games” can be found. The fake game is described as a “first-person shooter like no other (except for the Righteous Slaughter 6 which was released 3 months ago).”

Insurgents are killing orphans. They have nerve toxin and a nuke. You’re flashing back a lot telling a dramatic story cobbled together from assorted generic multiplayer levels so we could get the game made in time.

Developers Infinity Ward have heard of this parody of their top-selling franchise and have responded to it. Community Manager Tina Palacios spoke with OXM on the matter, stating:

I definitely laugh at it. I think it’s funny that they mentioned us – cheers to them, that’s pretty cool.

I’ve been in Europe these past two weeks so I’ve not got to play GTA 5 myself, but… From a development standpoint? We just enjoy games. And I know it’s funny to have to say that, but we really do – it’s our job to make them and we like playing them, so…

We don’t really see it from a publisher’s perspective when we make a game, whether it’s going to sell and so on, we just focus on whether we’re having fun playing it, because if not we’re going to change it. We just focus on the enjoyment factor rather than anything else.


Palacios was quite positive about the entire thing, continuing with:

When I see the GTA shout-outs, it’s kind of like seeing your game in South Park, it’s pretty cool. I got a call from my mom saying that on the news she heard that Call of Duty’s mentioned in Grand Theft Auto, because she only knows Call of Duty, GTA and FIFA. So it’s pretty cool!


Source: OXM