Jetstream Sam, Bladewolf playable in Metal Gear Rising DLC


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance launched on February 18th and three DLCs have already been confirmed. The first pack, dropping in Japan sometime in April as a PS3 exclusive includes 30 new VR missions, one apparently being a sidescrolling 2D brawler a la Double Dragon. Another, more…eccentric add-on includes a wooden sword that speaks like Solid Snake when used. Now we know what happens after Guns of the Patriots. Wait, what?

The second DLC involves Samuel Rodrigues in some shape or form, possibly as a sidestory or a prequel to the events of Revengeance. From this screenshot, it seems you’ll at least fight a Metal Gear RAY – the first little ‘boss’ you encounter in Revengeance shortly before a sound defeat from Sam. The last DLC puts you in the shoes (paws?) of the IF prototype LQ-84i, Bladewolf. No release date has been confirmed for either of these, but they’re already in-progress.

The current DLC for Revengeance includes the Gray Fox exoskeleton skin, Gray Fox’s Fox Blade, and Raiden’s original MGS4 Cyborg body.