Kirby 3DS Has a Title!


On Wednesday Nintendo revealed a lot of content during its Nintendo Direct presentation: unified Nintendo Network accounts, release dates, and YouTube.  According to IGN, after the presentation, Nintendo sent out e-mails recapping the announcements which included one that was not discussed: Kirby: Triple Deluxe!

That’s right guys, Nintendo revealed 3DS game’s title and also revealed the Japanese release date of January 11, 2014–no release dates for other regions have been announced.  Nintendo initially announced the Kirby title in the beginning of last month and showed off some of the gameplay.  As of right now the game seems to be standard Kirby fare: sucking up enemies and copying abilities.

Kirby first appeared in Kirby’s Dreamland in 1992 for the original Gameboy and has since starred in many titles including the Super Smash Bros. franchise.  Kirby last appeared in Kirby: Return to Dreamland on Wii in 2011, a game that originally was supposed to launch on the GameCube.

Source: IGN