Man Who Bought Photo of Xbox One Gifted a Real One


It’s a perfect Christmas tale, one of stupidity and consumerism. Doesn’t it warm your heart? Last week, us Britons were subject to the story of 19-year-old Peter Clatworthy, who bought a picture of an Xbox One on eBay for £450, roughly £30 over the RRP. Yes, you read it right – a picture. As in, one printed in someone’s home. And it wasn’t even printed well.

The ink cartridges weren't even replaced.

The ink cartridges weren’t even replaced.

Mr Clatworthy, who bought the “console” for his 4-year-old son, bought the item from eBay, despite it saying that the product was a photo in the title. Mr Clatworthy explained that while initially hesitant, the fact that the item was located in the “video games and consoles” category swayed him into thinking it was real.

But luck shines down on this poor soul; Mr Clatworthy has been given an Xbox One for free by UK retailer CeX, who deal in mostly second-hand technology goods.

On top of this, Mr Clatworthy is being refunded his £450 by PayPal, so it’s a very merry Christmas indeed in the Clatworthy household.

It’s easy to call Mr Clatworthy stupid, which in all fairness is partly true, but he was one of many people who have been, and will be, scammed by people on eBay, something that will probably be quite prevalent for the next few months due to the demand for next-gen consoles.

Does this story warm your heart? Or are you more humbug about the whole situation? Leave your comments below.

Source: Nottingham Post (original story)