Metro: Last Light Ranger Survival Guide Chapter 1


4A Games have begun a new series of videos, the Metro: Last Light “Ranger Survival Guide”. The series will have three parts in total with the first being released today. The guide will give players a look at what they can expect to see and deal with down in the Metro.

The official description to Chapter 1: “The World of Metro” reads:

The first video released in a series of three, the survival guide prepares players for their service in the Spartan Order, the self-styled protectors of the Metro. It familiarizes would-be Rangers with the dangers they will face within the different areas of post-apocalyptic Moscow: the tunnels of the Metro, the ravaged surface wasteland and the deadly transition levels in between.

The first chapter is just under four minutes long and features some pretty good voice-acting from a supposed Ranger of the Metro. While he narrates we get a look at the dark corners down in the tunnels. Filled with dangerous threats from various factions to the evolving mutants hiding in the shadows.

Metro: Last Light will be released on May 14th for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Check back for the following two parts when they are released.

Metro: Last Light – Ranger Survival Guide – Chapter 1: The World of Metro