Metro: Last Light Ranger Survival Guide Chapter 3


Deep Silver and 4A Games have announced the third and final chapter in their Metro: Last Light Ranger Survival Guide series. Chapter 3 focuses on the Weapons and Inventory available to the aspiring Ranger in the Metro.

The video is four minutes long and gives a good look at the cool gadgets and new weaponry you will use. Some guns return from Metro 2033 like the sub-machine gun and each is customizable to make them your own.

Bullets will again return as the main currency for the Metro. Either use them for a stronger punch or save them up for new gear and weapons to keep you alive. Gas masks will also play a big part in the world of Last Light. When traveling to the surface you will need to keep track of your air, otherwise you won’t make it back down alive.

One cool new feature that stood out in Chapter 3 was the use of light. The player is issued a lighter to set torches aflame and create pools of light in the darkness. This will be required to keep the enemies who prefer the shadows at bay.

Metro: Last Light will be released on May 14th for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Metro: Last Light – Ranger Survival Guide Chapter 3: Weapons and Inventory