Microsoft Recommends A Few Project Spark Creations


Project Spark, the free-to-play construction kit, on the Xbox One has plenty going for it so far. Now Microsoft has recommended a few, ten in total, creations from the community for players to enjoy themselves in the game. There are far more than just these simple ten, yet Microsoft has found these to be some of the best within the Project Spark community. Enjoy!

A Cotton Tail

The story of a small squirrel trying to escape a desert environment, this is one of the prettiest “Project Spark” creations to date. It’s a nice, enclosed world with more than simply enemies to kill; your job is to run, jump, and not get eaten, all in an attempt to escape the desert.

Oakvale: Fable

This is a full recreation of the very first quest in Lionhead’s classic Xbox title, “Fable.” It includes the entirety of the Oakvale map and all of its inhabitants—even including all of their original dialogue. It’s no surprise that the fantasy stylings of “Project Spark” are right at home here, but you’ll still be shocked at how much detail the creator has managed to wedge into it.

Halo HUD and Enemies

More of a “proof of concept” than an actual game, this is exactly what it sounds like: a strikingly convincing recreation of the original Halo, down to the number of bullets remaining displayed on the HUD of your assault rifle. Expect to see some familiar enemy faces.

Block Blitz

Another simple-but-effective concept, the goal here is to help your little white square avoid attacks from all sides by bigger enemy squares. The results are surprisingly fun, with an impressive amount of polish for a user-made game.


Yep, this is pretty much “Tetris,” expertly executed using the “Project Spark” tools. You’ve played it before, certainly, but it will only take about 20 seconds to remember why you want to play it again.


In “Bubbles,” your job is to guide like-colored bits toward each other; once they’re close, simply click them, and they disappear. The goal is to clear the whole screen, and the experience is a bit like popping packing bubbles—just way more colorful.

Anti Smasher

This conceptual, twitch-based puzzle game demonstrates that you are definitely not limited to fantasy fare in “Project Spark,” and can definitely veer into abstract territory. Basically, when you move the white block in “Anti Smasher,” the black one moves in the opposite direction… it’s that simple. There are only five levels at the moment, but this is smart, addictive stuff.

Pinball Raid 2

Pinball, anyone? “Pinball Raid 2” takes you to a rather historic-looking miniature village, with interactive scenery that your ball can activate or destroy. Very slick!

Blaze Jumper

This 2D platformer recalls the Xbox Live Arcade “Super Meat Boy.” It’s minimal, stark, and tough-as-nails.

Gradius Fox Complete

A mash-up of some pretty classic space shooters, this sidescroller is akin to “Gradius.” It’s chock full of weapons and power-ups, and features a multitude of cool nods to the games that inspired it.

Source: Xbox Wire