Minecraft: Pocket Edition to get “significantly bigger”


According to Mojang’s business developer Daniel Kaplan in a recent post on the company’s official site, future updates to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the game’s dedicated mobile version, will add “significantly bigger worlds.”

Currently, the approximate size of Pocket Edition worlds is 256 by 256 blocks. Unfortunately, Kaplan’s exciting announcement didn’t specify what exact sizes the forthcoming update will bring, however, another Mojang developer on Reddit said that “medium,” “large” and “really infinite” sizes are in the process of development.

Mojang’s mobile team are also working on plans to update the AI Inventory, and boldly hinted  “and a bunch of other things” as well. As expected, Kaplan stated that the company isn’t ready to share an exact release date with us just yet, although he did say that “everything is going according to plan.”

The announcement also alerted committed mobile players that starting March 1, Mojang is pausing access to Pocket Realms, the company’s dedicated Minecraft server hosting and management service on mobile.

“The Realms team is currently focused on the upcoming release of PC Realms,” Kaplan said. “Once that’s done, we’ll be in a better place to work on Pocket Realms and make it as good as it possibly can be, which will be later this year. We’re not sure how long the service will be down for, but we’ll update you as soon as normal service resumes.”