MOBAs – The Rage Within


MOBA games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, have been breaking into the scene the last couple of years and thousands upon thousands of players have become very accustomed to playing them. I’m not going to explain what a MOBA is as I’m sure you know what they are and if you don’t then just punch MOBA into Google and away you go.


I’m going to discuss a major part of MOBA games and that is community. Community in these games is what drives it and keeps it alive; but at the same time it’s what is destroying these games. Since the original DOTA mod was released for Warcraft 3 people have played the game extensively, even going to professional tournaments and winning money for just playing the game at a high standard. So naturally many players have years and years of experience under their belts, this is where the problem starts. New playerss and veteran players don’t mix very well, this is due to the veteran players getting extremely angry at the new players not knowing what they are doing and this ruins their games. I can sympathize with the veteran players as 40 minutes to an hour with the same player who is completely horrible and is making you lose can make a player extremely salty.


As a player with about 4 years of experience with MOBA games, I have been on both sides of the spectrum, the player who has no idea what I’m doing to being the player who is getting angry at someone who hasn’t got a clue, it’s a thin line and it really needed to be destroyed. As MOBA games consist of a team of 5, all players should work together, but when a new player comes in everyone gets mad. I will try and be the good guy and help this new person giving him pointers and tips on how to play better and what he should be doing and this going 1 of 3 ways. They can either react to you and accept your advice, acknowledging that you are a better player and in the long run this will make them a better player or they can react the worst way and just get angry at you for telling them what to do and they start shouting off about how good they are, when they have no clue what is going on. Lastly they will not communicate at all and no progress is made just angering every player further.


Being a noob in MOBA games is still fresh in my mind I can feel how these new player could be put off by the games, it’s not that they are hard, but they do have a huge learning curve, one that is very satisfying if you stick around long enough to climb it. The best way to get into a MOBA is have a friend who already plays help you along with the game and help you improve, this is the way I got into the games and I am very grateful for this. Everyone in the community needs to embrace these new players as these are they guys who are expanding the player base and improving the game as the years go by. Some games have implemented tutorials and bots to play against to help new players learn the game but this can only go so far as bots and tutorials can never teach you how a real player will react in an actual game. I get that it can be frustrating to have to babysit a player who hasn’t got a clue what they are doing but if once in a while a veteran player would just help a new guy learn the rope then maybe, just maybe the community would be a better place for everyone.