Murdered: Soul Suspect Xbox Achievements


Murdered: Soul Suspect is out today and now its achievements for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles have been revealed in full. The title boasts a larger number of Xbox achievements for those players looking to score the maximum Gamerscore possible from the mystery title.

Be warned: Spoilers within!Collector 1 – 10GCollected an artifactCollector 10 – 10GCollected 10 artifactsCollector 25 – 10GCollected 25 artifactsCollector 50 – 10GCollected 50 artifactsCollected 75 artifacts – 10GCollector 100 – 10GCollected 100 artifactsCollector 150 – 10GCollected 150 artifactsCollector All – 125GCollected all artifactsDiscover Remove – 10GUse Remove for the first timeDiscover Reveal – 10GUse Reveal for the first timePossess Cat – 10GPossessed the CatMindreader – 10GUsed Mind Read for the first timePoltergeist – 10GUsed Poltergeist for the first timeInterrogator – 10GInterrogated a ghost for the first timeInvestigator – 10GCompleted the first investigationTeleporter – 10GTeleported for the first timeRonan’s Story – 10GLearned about Ronan’s lifeBaxter’s Story – 10GLearned about Baxter’s lifeRex’s Story – 10GLearned about Rex’s lifeCassandra’s Story – 10GLearned about Cassandra’s lifeJulia’s Story – 10GLearned about Julia’s lifeThe Bell Killer’s Story – 10GLearned about the Bell KillerSalem’s History – 10GDiscovered Salem’s historyThe Witch Trials – 10GDiscovered information about the witch trialsCodex – 20GDiscovered the meaning of the supernatural graffitiA Watery Grave – 20GUncovered the Watery Grave ghost storyThe Bell Tower Banshee – 20GUncovered the Bell Tower Banshee ghost storyThe Stalwart Specter – 20GUncovered the Stalwart Specter ghost storyThe Heirloom -20GUncovered the Heirloom ghost storyMan in the Box – 20GUncovered the Man in the Box ghost storyTerror on the Tracks – 20GUncover the Terror on the Tracks ghost storyAshes to Ashes – 20GUncover the Ashes to Ashes ghost storyEternal Flame – 20GUncover the Eternal Flame ghost storyExorcist – 20GDefeated a demonThe Missing Body – 20GHelped Ingrid find peaceAmnesia – 20GHelped Julie find peaceCarnage – 20GHelped Brad find peaceScorned – 20GHelped Katy find peace

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Secret Achievements

The Death Wish of a Shady Man – 25GBecome a ghost and met a strange ghost girlOne of Us – 25GRevisited the scene of your murder and discovered there was a witnessMakeshift Sanctuaries – 25GFound the witness and learned what she knewHalf-Truths and Whole Lies – 25GHelped the witness escape the police station and gained an allyAshland – 25GDiscovered what happened to SophiaLost Causes – 25GLearned the fate of Rose and helped Iris escape the asylumWicked Tempers – 25GDiscovered the links between the witch trials and the Bell Killer murders.Ghosts Never Die – 25GInvestigated the murder of IrisJudgement – 25GDiscovered the Bell Killer’s secretsTightening the Noose – 150GStopped Abigail and saved Rex and JoySource: Xbox Achievements