Mutant Mudds Wii U Brings Exclusive Content


Renegade Kidd, the developer behind Mutant Mudds, has confirmed that once Mutant Mudds releases for the Wii U, players will be able to get their hands on exclusive content. Currently Mutant Mudds has released on the Nintendo 3DS, PC, and iOS. Renegade Kidd is trying to make the Wii U version of their indie title stand apart from the rest.

This exclusive content gives players who already own the game a reason to buy it one more time for the Wii U. The exclusive content will include a couple of new levels to keep gamers happily playing Mutant Mudds, but only on their Wii U’s. The new levels will not be released anywhere else.

So if you already own Mutant Mudds and loved the game enough to buy it once more, you may be in-store for a couple of fun new levels to run and jump through. If you do not own the game already, this could be the perfect incentive to pick it up once the game releases for the Wii U.