New DLC for The Last of Us is Revealed


New content was announced today for The Last of Us. The DLC is titled : The Abandoned Territories Map Pack. This the first of the three Season Pass DLC.

The Map Pack will include:

  • The Bus Depot – You will encounter an urban environment , that has wild giraffes in the background.
  • The Suburbs – The map will feature an random dynamic storms that interferes with your vision. And on top of that you have to deal with opponents.
  • Hometown – this map takes a stealthy gameplay approach. It will take players to a dark , moonlit environment.
  • And last but not least there is Bookstore – players will be playing on a stacked, bi-level layout, that will include vertical gameplay.  The map pack will be available at the PSN store on October 18.

A single player DLC was also announced. It will feature a new character, it will be arriving onto the PSN store around December or January. Bonus items will also included in the season pass which will cost $19.99