New GTA V Artwork Revealed


Two brand new images have been revealed from the new Rockstar crime epic Grand Theft Auto V. These two new pieces of artwork showcase what looks like a bank robber and quite possibly the repo man Franklin on a bike running from the police.

"Grand Theft Auto V","Rockstar","Artwork"

Grand Theft Auto V takes a turn from the rest of the series by having players take on the roles of three different characters throughout the campaign, instead of the normal one. Gamers will complete missions as Franklin the repo man, Michael the ex-bank robber, and Trevor a drug addicted psycho living in the desert.

The two new artwork pictures frame a pre-order campaign that retailer GameStop is planning to launch in the United States. Rockstar has stated they plan to release GTA V for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sometime in the Spring of 2013.