New Nyko Wii U Accessories Unveiled


During CES this week, Nyko has unveiled a handful of new accessories for the Wii U offering an alternative to the official products created by Nintendo.

Nyko showed off their new controller, dubbed the “Nyko Pro Commander”, which features the more traditional analogue stick placement from the Xbox 360 controllers. It’s fully compatible with all games that use the official Pro Controller; it will be available next month for $35.

The U-Boost battery back doubles the GamePad’s battery life by simply clipping onto the back of the GamePad. It features the proprietary charging port for the GamePad as well as a kickstand for multimedia viewing.

The Charge Base Pro allows you to store and charge to Wii U Pro Controllers simultaneously and presenting them in a stylishly. The controllers will be attached to the base magnetically suspending them vertically, allowing for easy access to them when you want to use the controllers.

The Charge Station U allows for easy and stylish charging of one GamePad along with two standard Wii controllers. The station uses the GamePad’s proprietary charge cable and comes with two Wii rechargeable battery packs, all for just $35.