New Sony Teaser “See The Future” Released


Sony have recently released a teaser trailer which they have titled “See The Future” on their official YouTube channel. The teaser hints at a big announcement that should be coming on February 20th.

The way they present the teaser would suggest some sort of a hardware reveal, the teaser shows off nothing to suggest a game release.

The February 20th release date also matches up with the same date as the PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony’s annual event. Sony have been known to announce hardware at these events so it wouldn’t be far off to assume the PlayStation 4 announcement.

This teaser trailer is the closest thing fans have received from Sony concerning the possibility of a next generation console announcement. Hopefully we can stop biting our nails and get it out of the way now. I am sure most will need to start saving their money up.

Sony Teaser – See The Future