Next Need for Speed Coming 2013


EA has confirmed that their racing series, Need for Speed, will continue this year with a new game to be announced as we get further into 2013. EA decided to continue the series after the success of Criterion’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted remake.

Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore:

Another Q3 success story was Need for Speed Most Wanted. Sell-through was up over 30% year-over-year, and outperformed the industry’s other AAA racing titles.

In this market, consumers are concentrating their choices. They don’t buy two driving titles but they will buy the best one. Need for Speed is back in position as an annualized blockbuster.

With all the news about the next generation consoles coming this year, it is most likely that the new Need for Speed will end up as a next gen title. If they do release on the new consoles they would gain a further foothold over the racing genre.

According to the development studio Criterion, developer’s for the Need for Speed series, the new game is turning out great already.

Criterion’s Craig Sullivan:

We’re doing this year’s Need for Speed, we haven’t got long to go, we’re getting a good reaction from the people who play it, so we seem to be heading in the right direction, pushing the envelope and trying new stuff.

Hopefully they bring back the extensive vehicle customization, I missed that aspect in the new Most Wanted reboot.