NFS: Rivals Progression System Detailed


Until now the progression system for Ghost Games’ upcoming racer Need For Speed: Rivals was a mystery. But the developer has shed some light on the feature, answering questions ranging from replay value to whether or not Rivals will feature a progression cap.

Just like in a previous entry in the racing franchise, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a progression cap will be implemented. This time around it will work differently however, this is due to there being two distinct playable careers in the game: Cop and Racer. Ghost Games said:

Within each career there are three sets of Assignments for Cops or Speedlists for Racers, that will progress you through the narrative. While the narrative helps push you through the game, how you pick your Assignments and Speedlists is totally up to you. As a Cop, your Assignments differ by Patrol, Enforcer and Undercover, and as a mysterious Racer named Zephyr you’ll complete different Race, Pursuit and Drive Speedlists, and drawing the attention of the police force while you’re at it.

After completing the narrative you can then go back and complete the other Assignments and Speedlists that you haven’t attempted yet.

Need for Speed: Rivals will keep track of your max speed and jump distances on various roads along with the career paths and narratives, giving you a little more to do. Also, for the first time, the new game will track how long it takes for the player to complete a set of objectives, adding a little more competition to the experience.

Need for Speed: Rivals will be released on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360 on November 19th. The Xbox One version will be released on November 22nd, alongside the console.

Source: EA