Nintendo 2DS: Pro’s and Con’s


So recently I bought a Nintendo 2DS, for one reason and one reason only. To play Pokemon X/Y. Like many my age I couldn’t resist the temptation of that old school past time.

What was the cheapest and most accessible way for me to do this? Buy a 2DS. Out of the box it seemed convenient and also very comfortable in the hand due to the button placements being modified. I did notice that the build quality seemed rather poor but for the purpose of one game I could get past this.

Fast forward 10 days, 35 Spot Passes, 40 Friend Requests and 90 Pokemon later the touch screen gives up. Now, the touch screen is a fundamental part of the console so without a moments thought I called up the retailer who agreed to replace the device. On the way to the store I began to realise that all of my progress in terms of the console wouldn’t be able to be transferred to the new device because to do this you required use of the now unresponsive touch screen.

Fast forward an hour and I have been given a full refund and managed to pick up a now discontinued brand new 3DS for only $10 more. (The small version) And I could not believe the difference in quality. I think the 3DS is probably the most well put together and sturdy piece of handheld Nintendo equipment I have ever used.

So here are my pro’s and cons of Nintendo’s new 2DS:


  • Cheaper than the 3DS XL
  • Button Layout is easier on the hands during long sessions
  • Brightness and battery match the original 3DS
  • Childproof, no hinge to be snapped after aggressive use
  • Has all of the functions of a 3DS, sacrificing only the 3D effect
  • The lack of a hinge means less protection to displays
  • Cheap plastic feel to build quality
  • Very loose L&R triggers
  • Mono speaker rather than stereo
  • Not pocket friendly, you will need a bag
  • If you can find somewhere with stock, a 3DS is much better value for money.
This is only my view of the console but my ultimate verdict has to be that for such a short jump in price try and find an original 3DS, here in Australia it’s only $10/20 more and in the US $30/40. The poor plastic quality and fragile touch screen have really led me to give this a thumbs down on a console I was initially rather impressed with.
Have you bought a 2DS? Do you think it’s better than the 3DS? Or have you had problems like me? Let us know in the comments below.