Nintendo Confirms PokéMon X and Y Bug; Preparing Fix


A couple days ago sources reported that many copies of Pokémon X and Y were corrupted upon saving in Lumiose City. Upon loading a save file from within the city, the area will not load properly and the 3DS freezes, with exception to the music. This bug has led to many players deleting their save data and starting the game over.

Luckily Nintendo and GameFreak acknowledged the issue and are currently preparing to patch the game. The bug is likely caused by the 3DS’s inability to properly load the 3D textures in the city upon load. Nintendo also put out a map detailing which locations the bug occurs at and stated that, for the time being, saves should be done inside buildings.

This, obviously, isn’t Nintendo’s first encounter with a game-breaking bug as 2011’s The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword had an issue if you spoke to the Goron too soon–creating an inability to continue the story. Has anyone had the misfortune of running into this bug?  Sound off below!

Source: IGN